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I believe in communicating stories, feelings and purposes through the beauty of sound, always with the ambition of creating a valuable imprint in the listeners and in the world.

In the past years I’ve created sound design and audio post-production for more than 1.000 professional productions. I have worked with both smaller and bigger sound productions within commercials, podcasts, television / web series, documentaries, short-films and feature-films.

Feel free to contact me, for at talk about the sound design / audio production for your next project.


In collaboration with Virtue my work on ‘The Genderless Voice’ for Copenhagen Pride, has recently been rewarded with 4 bronze lions at Cannes Lions Creativity Festival 2019 in the categories Sound Design, Use of Audio Technology, Not For Profit and Glass – the Lion for Change

What i do

Voice recording

Recording Voice overs, podcast and ADR

Dialog, speak & interview

Synchronizing, editing and mixing all dialogue in a production.

Sound effect & background

Sound effect & background editing & mixing

Noise reduction

Removing unwanted noise from audio recordings


Music editing and supervising

Re-recording mix / Dubbing Mix

Mixing together all the sound elements (dialogue, automated dialogue replacement, foley, sound effects, backgrounds and music.

Mix & mastering for television

Loudness standards: R128, R68, EBU, Adtoox, Adstream.

Mix & mastering for web streaming

Loudness standards: 0dBFS, -3dBFS, -14 LUFS, -16 LUFS.

5.1 surround mix & mastering

Loudness standards: 0dBFS, Leq(m) 82, Leq(m) 85.