Thirty Sounds Good / Nis Nørgaard

In the past years I’ve created sound design and audio post-production for more than 500 professional productions. I have worked with both smaller and bigger sound productions within commercials, podcasts, television / web series, documentaries, short-films and feature-films.

As a sound designer I believe it’s all about telling stories through the beauty of sound. I put a great effort into translating ideas and concepts into audiotive experiences. Together we explore how sound can tell your story, so your production create an imprint in the ears of the listeners and in the world.

Feel free to contact me, for at talk about the sound design / audio production for your next project.


What i do

Voice recording

Recording Voice overs, podcast and ADR

Dialog, speak & interview

Synchronizing, editing and mixing all dialogue in a production.

Sound effect & background

Sound effect & background editing & mixing

Noise reduction

Removing unwanted noise from audio recordings


Music editing and supervising

Re-recording mix / Dubbing Mix

Mixing together all the sound elements (dialogue, automated dialogue replacement, foley, sound effects, backgrounds and music.

Mix & mastering for television

Loudness standards: R128, R68, EBU, Adtoox, Adstream.

Mix & mastering for web streaming

Loudness standards: 0dBFS, -3dBFS, -14 LUFS, -16 LUFS.

5.1 surround mix & mastering

Loudness standards: 0dBFS, Leq(m) 82, Leq(m) 85.